4th of July, Italian style and big news!

Fourth of July could have really sucked this year.* It could have sucked to be thousands of miles away from America and it could have felt lonely. It could have felt isolating and it could have been uncomfortable celebrating my patriotism. Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. This year’s Fourth not only didn’t suck, but it might have been the best dang Italian Fourth of July Barbecue Bonanza my side of Colorno has ever seen.

The day didn’t start out so bright and shiny though. It all began with our shade-less-ness, in that we have absolutely none, nor any relief from the 95-degree Colorno sun. Naturally Diana and I decided it would be totally feasible to tie a tarp from the trees in our “yard” to the side of our house. But, while we were busy wasting time and rope our next-door neighbor erected a gazebo, dug an umbrella into the dessert that is our garden and set up a picnic table.

Next was the issue of the barbecue’s inherent grill-less-ness. Mauro, the owner of the local pub entered the scene next to save the day. In one instant our party went from grill-lacking to completely and utterly grill full. I knew the second I saw the ginormous truck Mauro suavely maneuvered down our street that inside was a grill ready to take on the seventeenish types of pork served at the Bonanza. I breathed a sweaty, grateful sigh of relief.

With everything set just in time to simultaneously shade and heat guests and food respectively, classmates began arriving. My friends, representing seventeen different countries all gathered to help celebrate mine. They brought foods from their cultures or they brought tastes of what they thought would bring us Americans some comfort.

Sweaty but fun, but not funny how much we sweat

Where we lacked fireworks we had Canada cake decorated with sparklers. Where we missed a proper Fourth of July parade we made up for with a serious flip cup tourney. We ate sushi, vodka soaked watermelon and Asian barbecue, all of which are hereby pronounced Fourth of July necessities.

Three things: 1) Catherine's parents brought the Fluff from America so we could have s'mores 2) The Canada cake looked even more gorgeous before melting in .5 seconds 3) Carrie made cake balls--cake and frosting rolled into a ball and covered with ganache to create a diabetic comma of yumminess

If you can't tell by the intensity of his gaze, David (front left) brought home the gold for his team, aptly named "Team David"

How cute are we, period

Not to brag or anything but objectively speaking it was a really great party, which is such a convenient and perfect segue to my other big news: the Party Girls are back in town! No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, and it’s not too good to be true. For a limited time only Natalie and I will be available to do our Party Girl thing at your next party if it falls between August 14 and September 3, 2010.

“What the heck is Party Girls, Lauren?” you might be thinking. For those of you who haven’t yet met me as one of the Party Girls, let me introduce us: my longtime bosom buddy Natalie Goldstein and I started Party Girls in 2003 as a party servicing company. We set up, prepare, serve and clean up. We bartend, grill and schmooze. We’re a two-girl show and we’ve really got this party thing down to a science. So if you’d like to feel more a little more like a guest at your own party, please email me today!

God Bless America and happy partying!

Party Girls

*Sorry for the language, mom and dad



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2 responses to “4th of July, Italian style and big news!

  1. happy to hear you had a festive 4th of july! ps you look lovely in your party dress… i love that you’re wearing a sophisticated frock and clutching a heineken mini-keg 🙂 hope you see you soooon!
    xo, S

  2. Steve Sudekum

    Hi Lauren,
    I was wondering if you’d be able to take your “Party Girl” catering biz on the road to Kansas City or possibly St. Louis during the August to September window of time mentioned in your recent blog?

    If so…
    What Saturday dates are available? I suppose you’d need to get into town a day or two or three… in advance of the party to shop, setup, etc. Of course lodging and airfare would be provided for you and your partner, in addition to your usual fee.

    Let me know if you think this might work out so we can start planning on this end.
    Uncle Stevie.

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